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At the age of seventeen, a relentless and excruciating firestorm of pain struck Audrey Marie. She had been excelling in life when her world was suddenly turned upside down by the invasion of a searing lump.

A first failed surgery left an open wound that wouldn’t heal. After a year, a second surgery successfully closed the wound, but that was only the beginning. Instead of bringing an end to suffering, a medical diagnosis forced the struggling young lady to face living the rest of her life in pain.

Chronically Unstoppable is a true-life journey of pain, strength, and revitalized hope. This first-person memoir substantiates that working with pain can lead to freedom. Whatever battle you face, Audrey Marie’s story will ignite within you a determination to develop a transformed mindset offering self-validation and preservation.

“Pain does not get to be in the driver’s seat any longer. I won’t allow it.”

Chronically Unstoppable: How My Life Went from Fight-or-Flight to Free

  • Audrey Marie is an author and anti-trafficking advocate who has a passion for assisting those who have experienced trauma. She is working towards her master’s in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to gain more knowledge in mitigating crises. Audrey utilizes her personal experiences and diagnoses to speak out about the validation and possibilities despite any ailment one may have. By creating media content, public speaking, and writing, Audrey revitalizes hope and spreads awareness. Chronically Unstoppable is her debut memoir.

  • This book is an inspiring story of a young adult’s journey living with chronic pain. Audrey Marie’s perspective on her past experiences and lessons learned in the process are powerful. While her story is unique, she describes many challenges commonly faced by those with “invisible” disabilities. Audrey Marie adds a valuable voice to the conversation on chronic pain.
    -Mighty Jivin


    In a time when countless people silently suffer from invisible struggles, this book brings deeply needed hope to so many. Her story is an encouragement to us all that hope can bring light into the darkest parts of our lives. Brilliant read!
    -James Y.

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