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Life on this earth is a journey. Yet, through the ups and downs and twists and turns, we can trust our unchangeable God to lead us, just as He has led those who have walked ahead of us.


Each woman in this book invites you to walk beside her as she shares lessons she learned traversing life’s circumstances. As you read, these stories will remind you that no matter what we encounter, we can always look to God, trusting HIS provision, strength, and direction. He is always with you, and He has a plan to lead you to a path that is more beautiful than you can imagine.


Allow God to strengthen and empower you to step boldly in faith as you read these stories along with expertly placed expositional teachings written by best-selling authors and faith-mentors Julie Jenkins and Kimberly Hobbs. God is guiding you to spiritual growth. It’s time to Embrace YOUR Journey!

Embrace the Journey: Your Path to Spiritual Growth

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