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I glanced behind me and saw my husband being detained. The guards interrogated him and took his photo as the flashbulbs illuminated his face. The moment felt like an eternity as they searched Pe’s body from head to toe. And then, he was forced to sign yet another confession. Looking on, I held my  breath in anticipation as my 5-year-old son asked, "Are they going to let us go?"


Nita Tin, born a Buddhist in Rangoon, Burma, was raised in an opulent lifestyle. But as her country came under the control of a ruthless military dictator, her whole life changed. She lived through a brutal massacre, the imprisonment of family members, struggle, oppression, and poverty. As newlyweds, she and her husband survived life in an impoverished village riddled with life-threatening illnesses as he cared for 100,000 patients as a solo physician in cramped and unhygienic quarters. Then, in 1973, she fled her home of Golden Pagodas with her husband and two children to enter the Land of Liberty, where her soul was set free in a greater way than she could have ever dreamed possible.

Heartbeat of a Survivor: From Golden Pagodas to a Soul Set Free

  • A former Buddhist, Nita Tin is originally from Burma, currently known as Myanmar. She is the co-founder of Tin Laser Vision and was Practice Administrator of the Chattanooga and North Georgia medical practice for 45 years. She is an avid motivational speaker, a conference leader, a Bible teacher, and author. She received the 2023 Lydia Impact Award from the Scenic City Women’s Network for her contribution as an Extraordinary Working Christian Woman. A movie script based on her story, Love Without Borders, was officially chosen by the Christian Worldview Film Festival 2023 and was awarded 2nd place. Her prolific letters of encouragement and heart-warming lectures pointing to God’s grace and mercy have ministered to hundreds of students, friends, colleagues, and patients.

    The journey to our eternal home is her theme, and her message is hope, strength, and encouragement for a child of God traveling through the pain and hopelessness of a fallen world and God's offer of freedom and salvation for those who are still trapped in sin's darkness. Her life's verse is found in Jeremiah 31:3. “I have loved you with an everlasting love, Therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn you” (AMP). God's unending love is what she pours out through her life and ministry as she seeks to draw believers closer to bask in the love of a heavenly Father. Nita describes herself as an emptied, broken vessel, saved to tell of the glorious gospel of Christ.

  • Mark Fincannon, CSA: Casting Director
    Wow. What a life…. Nita’s Tin story is truly hard to believe, and she has captured it so well in these pages. From Burma to New York to Chattanooga, from wealth to poverty and everything in between, Nita and her amazing husband faced challenges you will struggle to believe. Nita Tin is a courageous survivor who lives out the word ‘grace’ like no one we have ever met. One of the riches blessings of Sharon and I moving to Georgia has been meeting and getting to know Nita and her lovely daughter, Mimi. This book needs to be a Television Series!!!!


    Jan Silvous: Author, Speaker, Life Coach
    How to find the words to describe Nita Tin and the story she’s lived? Exotic, dangerous, romantic, spiritual, and mysterious might explain a portion of her story, but, oh, there is so much more because her life is God’s story. It will draw you in, leave you with insights for your own life, and give you hope that the God who wrote such an amazing story for Nita Tin and her family can write a unique, purposeful story for you.


    Peter Lundell, Author, Editor, Pastor
    Nita Tin’s story seems like something that couldn’t have really happened, but it did—the wealth, the poverty; the darkness, the light; the way she and her husband have loved each other; and the way they have loved God. I often wondered, Did they really love each other and trust God like that? Yes, they did. But don’t believe me. Read for yourself.


    Lisa Arnold, Director, Writer, Producer
    Nita Tin’s story shares God’s love and faithfulness through her darkest and most challenging times. As she finds the love of her life, she also discovers a joy and love that surpasses all understanding in her Heavenly Father. As you read Nita’s story, you will experience God’s grace, mercy, and redemption in Heartbeat of a Survivor. It is a journey of perseverance and transformation. I have no doubt that you will draw great inspiration for your own life through Nita’s memoir. It is an adventure like no other, and I can't wait to see it on the Big Screen.


    Melanie Lewis: Biblical Church Counselor
    It is hard to find a sweeter soul than Nita Tin. Her heart has been shaped by the loving faithfulness of our God who pursued her for His honor and glory. Nita’s tender smile and kind reminders of God’s love amaze so many as they realize the heartaches and struggles that she endured. Her story reminds us that God strengthens, heals, and restores those who wholeheartedly depend on Him.


    Kay Arthur: Author, Speaker, Bible teacher
    Nita Tin has always walked with the Lord, depended on Him, and desired to glorify Him in everything she does. She knows the reason she has written her story, Heartbeat of a Survivor. It’s not to be popular or to receive accolades but to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ.

    God sent Nita as an example among believers in thought, word, and deed, and in purity, godliness, and holiness—and it is a privilege to say these things. She is a valiant warrior. God has given her to us as a representative of what He will do when we walk fully hand in hand with the Lord, desiring to serve Him and exalt Him as we take no glory for ourselves.


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