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How can you have joy when it seems like the wheels are coming off at every turn, and you’re holding on for dear life? There’s good news! You can be unhappy, even devastated, and still have Joy Unspeakable, Regardless of Your Circumstances! Yes, joy and sorrow can dance together during adversity. That’s because true joy comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


The authors of this book have suffered heart-wrenching tragedies and tribulations that everyone can relate to. Still, they celebrate that the Lord is their shield, refuge, strength, peace, hope, and JOY—despite the storms of life—because God has given us the final victory and bestowed upon us undefeatable joy.

Joy Unspeakable: Regardless of Your Circumstances presents expository teaching coupled with individual stories that testify to the joy of the Lord and the strength He provides amid trials and heartaches. The words in this book will encourage, inspire, motivate, and give you hope, joy, and peace as God unleashes His Joy Unspeakable into your life, regardless of your circumstances.

Joy Unspeakable: Regardless of Your Circumstances

  • Lillian Cucuzza resides in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. She has been married since 1982 to professional theater organist Dave Cucuzza, whom she met when she bought an organ and lessons from him.

    As Regional Vice President of a financial services company, she enjoys coaching people toward financial independence.

    Lillian’s passions are nature photography and serving God. Her photography accomplishments include First Place at the Florida State Fair in 2020 and 2021, the first two years she competed! In 2021, she was awarded First Place by the Florida Press Association in the Division A Reader-Generated Photo category of Weekly Newspapers for her iconic photo of the Neowise Comet over the Grand Tetons. Lillian’s work is regularly published in The Laker/Lutz News, and her photo-art is regularly showcased in art shows around Florida.

    Lillian is the featured photographer and author for HIS Creations, LLC, a Christian photo-art and crafts online store at You can also view more of her photo gallery at and 

    Lillian became a best-selling author in 2021 with the Women World Leader’s book, Victories: Claiming Freedom in Christ.

    As a contributor to Women World Leaders' magazine, Voice of Truth, she uses her photography and writing talents to glorify and honor God for His beautiful creation.

    Lillian’s goal in writing this book is to share the gospel, bring hope to a lost and hurting world, bolster your faith, and help you live in joy, no matter how bad things seem. (Romans 15:13)

    Please visit, like, and follow Lillian’s website, Facebook and Instagram @HISCreationsLLC, or email her at

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