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You are about to set sail into a book, a guide, an inspiration that will allow you to navigate through rogue waves and tumultuous waters brought on by the ugly hurricanes of life threatening to spiral you out of control. Reading this book will guide you to a fresh start—a new course that will change the direction of your heart and give you the ability to see the light of God so you can navigate any storm that comes upon you.

In this book, United Men of Honor have stepped up to share with transparency the obstacles they faced, giving you a glimpse of how God works in victorious ways.


Through their words and experiences, may your eyes be illuminated to see the storms ahead, and may you be prepared to seek God's guidance, realizing and admitting that we all need His strength.


Journey with us through the raging waves of life. Allow God to chart your course through the storms. Then, hold tight to your rudder and look toward the light—because with Him, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26.)

Navigating Your Storm: By United Men of Honor

  • Ken A. Hobbs II is a Christ follower devoted to impacting others in para-church ministries, missions, and business, where he leads a marketplace ministry.

    Ken is the Founder of United Men of Honor—leading, coaching, and empowering men to lead with integrity and faith in their homes, businesses, and communities. His book United Men of Honor: Overcoming Adversity Through Faith is a #1 Amazon best-seller.

    As a part of the Leadership Team of Band of Brothers, Ken is strongly passionate about the bootcamps, believing they are needed so men do not have to fight their struggles alone.

    Ken Hobbs II is a Senior Vice President / Financial Coach / Multiple Brokerage owner and operator for — impacting communities nationwide with business-building, coaching/training, personal financial coaching, and services for over 30 years.

    Ken is married to his wife Kimberly and actively supports her in Women World Leaders and World Publishing and Productions. 

    Ken’s work also reaches around the world, where he supports Kerus Global Education, African Orphan Care Project, and anti-trafficking/trauma training as an Advisory Board member.

    Ken is a father, husband, brother, and uncle who passionately loves his family and friends.


    Asaad Faraj, his wife, Lois, and their three wonderful children—Blake, Billy and Chloe—live in Alva, Florida. He has ownership of 40 plus Primerica Financial Services offices in 14 states that service over 100,000 clients.

    Asaad’s drive and success in business are fueled by his passion for reaching others for Christ.  While serving as an elder at Oakland Church, Asaad is also a Board Member for Aramaic Broadcast Network, where he preaches the Gospel to the world's Arabic population through television. He also serves on the board for The Detroit Youth For Christ, an outreach ministry for urban kids in Detroit.

    Asaad has been on 37 major international mission trips where he has shared the Gospel by speaking to and praying for tens of thousands of business leaders, pastors, and everyday citizens. He also speaks here in the U.S. through seminars for churches and businesses. He has a heart for the Great Commission, as evidenced by his giving and his going!

    Asaad is the author of Faith Over Finance, which explores biblical financial principles and shows how to apply them. His book will teach you to implement godly strategies to overcome all financial challenges and thrive for your creator’s glory.

    The Lighthouse in My Storms, Ken A. Hobbs II
    Thriving Through the Storm, Asaad Faraj
    The Light in the Storm, Michael Jenkins
    From Agnostic to Authority, Allen L. Thorne
    How I Navigated My Storm to Victory, Christian Mayberry
    Navigating Storms from Yacht to Runway: The Strength of the Cord, Jeff Calenberg
    Trusting God’s Presence Through the Storm, Tyler Graeff
    How Yehoshua Sought and Found Me, Joshua D. Horwitz
    God-Directed Healing, Michael C. Hopkins
    Bad Driving and Angry Neighbors, Jonathan Rios
    God Is Always the Center, Izzy Pichardo
    The Fujiwhara Effect, Max Gold
    Faith from a Bathtub, Leo Hinkley III
    A Journey to Faith, FC Clark
    From There to Here, Thomas J. Stewart
    Seeing Beyond the Eye of the Storm, David Rodriguez
    The Best Adventure, Daniel Sepulvado
    With God, Nothing Is Impossible, Kyle Farrand
    Jesus, the Warrior Chief, Wayne F. Sessions
    Demons Die in the Light, Roberto Ramirez
    One Word from God Can Change Your Life, Bruce Tanis
    Healing Through Grace Is a Gift from Above, Doug Sahm
    Step by Step, John Harwick Sr.
    Praise You in the Storm, Mike Childs
    Jesus, Take the Wheel, Barry Alsobrook
    From Life Support to Supporting Life!, Craig E. Pratt Sr.
    Throne of My Heart, Jeffrey Lewis
    Living in Fear—Living Fearlessly, Bob Tardell

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