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Do you remember the first time you were on a plane and looked out of the window? As the plane took off, elevating higher, the buildings on the ground seemed to shrink, changing your perspective on life. Perhaps you did not have the spiritual insight you may possess now, but maybe something inside made you wonder, “Where does this world come from, and how do I claim my place in it?”  


Time has flown since my first memories of flying as a child. I graduated from college, moved back to New York City, met and married my dream girl, adopted her son, and relocated to Florida after I was laid off. Life was full of the usual ups and downs, and we grew spiritually, based our marriage on love, and lived in what we believe is the right order — God, family, then business. Although there were cloudy days, the sun shined a lot. Then, on April 9, 2018, my life changed forever. The absolute love of my life, Christine, suffered an unexpected stroke. On April 19, my Queen was gone. This book isn’t a tearjerker or an autobiography but rather a manual created for you from my experience — a manual that will take your life to new heights. 


For many of us, the world has become a place where we don’t have a millisecond to think for ourselves, often leaving us feeling lost or overwhelmed. That is why I wrote this straightforward guide to help you evaluate and change your life for the better. I invite you to join me on the journey of Planestorming! It’s time to get to work and make the rest of your life the BEST of your life! Together, we will address many areas of life and formulate a plan for your breakthrough! Are you ready for the challenge? 

Planestorming!: Taking Your Life to New Heights

  • Max Gold is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Boston University. After living through 9/11, he and his family moved to Orlando to start a fresh life. It was there where Max started his financial service agency. The firm grew. And after living in Florida for 20 years, Max (becoming an empty nester) decided to start a new episode in life. At the time of printing, Max will be found heading west along I-10, as he felt called to move to Santa Monica, California, and expand his business. Stay connected to see what the next chapter brings: @maximilianr717

    Furthermore, Max has started a project titled Fluorescent Village as an homage to his late wife, Christine. Prior to her passing, Christine urged Max to start a non-profit involving the name fluorescent. Max purchased his first full off-grid tiny home (currently under construction) and will be available for a night’s stay at a friend’s property in St. Cloud, Florida. The vision is to have for- and non-profit villages around the world where single mothers, survivors of trauma, and tourists can stay and learn how to live a minimalist life filled with tranquility and joy. Stay tuned for more information.

  • If you’ve experienced a tragedy, a defeat, hit a roadblock, or just feel lost, this book will help you answer the question - where does my life go from here? By sharing his own journey from loss, the author outlines a series of exercises, mental and physical, to refocus your life and make it the best it can be. By using metaphors that anyone can relate to, he presents a plan that will reward those who work to follow it.

    - TedJ


    This book is an excellent inspiration for moving towards healing and wholeness. Using scripture texts it functions as a tool to confirm spiritual insights to forge a path through life's challenges. Not only do the passages provide great wisdom, but the exercise of personal journaling is useful for reflection and clarity.

    Mr. Gold has chosen the familiar metaphor of using the common form of travel, the airplane, to make
    "plain" the various steps one needs to open one's consciousness, and to find a path towards Hope and Grace.

    -Rev. Gretchen van Aken Johnson, M.Div., Pastoral Counselor


    This book will help you soar in your personal and professional life! Get ready to process where you are in life and where you want to go, guided by Max’s keen insight and thoughtful questions.

    -Mike J


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