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Our world is a battleground. Satan has waged a holy war against those God has called with purpose.


Walking through this world, we all have choices to make. We must choose to live life following our own sinful inclinations or look beyond ourselves and seek God. And God promises that when we seek Him, we will find Him. So when we find Him, we must then decide to continue living on our own or surrender to His will, understanding that He is in ultimate control. As you read these pages, you will recognize with awe that surrendering to God is far more effective than striving alone.

The contributing authors in this book share their stories which, together with the teachings presented, will shed different levels of light on the word surrender to help strengthen your relationship with God. When we let go of our own attempts to earn God's favor and rely on Jesus Christ, we receive a deeper intimacy with Him and a greater power to serve Him. These stories and teachings, which coincide with the truth of scripture, will inspire and move you to become Surrendered to living a life with and for God!

Surrendered: Yielded With Purpose

  • Publisher: World Publishing and Productions

    ©Copyright 2022 Women World Leaders


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