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Riley Rossey was a brilliant young man who was socially behind his peers during pre-school, elementary, and middle school. It wasn’t until he got to high school and met his guardian angel that he learned, with the help of a special young lady, how to change his life.

Riley grew up as a poster child for a bullied student and learned that he must be the change agent in his life to become a successful adult. Although his grandfather and father were school principals, he had to learn for himself what road he must follow to be successful—and that how you choose friends can help change you.

Despite his progress, Riley’s biggest nemesis continued to try to bring him down, as Riley learned that bullies exist in adulthood as well as in school.

The ending of this story is magical. This fictional account brings to light just how we all can go through challenges before reaching our own “aha” moment in life.

The Bullied Student Who Changed All the Rules

  • Bob Fishbein is a retired middle and high school Teacher, Director of Student Services, Assistant Baseball Coach, Softball Coach, Director of Support Services, District Supervisor of Special Services, Adjunct University Professor, and Assistant Principal/Principal of Special Needs, Guidance Counselor, Middle and High School Basketball Referee, and Stop Smoking Cessation Counselor, with over thirty-eight years’ experience in six counties in New Jersey and two counties in Florida, in urban, suburban and rural counties, in both comprehensive and vocational schools.

    Bob was raised in and graduated from the K-12 schools in Newark, New Jersey. He has published three other books. Inspired by a Promise, If You Decide Your Wish is Your Command, A Journey to Stop Smoking Forever, and Senior Snowbird and the School Teacher. He was honored by three governors in New Jersey for grants he wrote for several million dollars.

    Bob wrote this book to point out to teachers how amazing they are and applaud them for the great impact they have on students.

    Bob and Betz, his supportive wife, have three adult children—two who are married, four grandchildren, and numerous nieces, nephews, and godchildren between them. His late wife, Debby, was always a positive inspiration.

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